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I liked the way they fit around the knee. Seems to work well.
Able to wear them for a few hours. Thanks
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Lizzy K
I just got them yesterday and tried one today while I was cleaning because I was starting hurt but didn't want it to get really bad. It didn't long and felt so much better and I was able to keep going.
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My knees, ankles and shoulders never felt better.
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Linda Nagle
These patches got me through a week at Disney. I snipped a corner to help remove patch from backing.
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These are nice on the knees as they don’t burn like the cheaper ones do. These helped my knees get moving better.
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Love these patches! Easy to place on affected area and the results are marvelous.
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charles urbinek
They seem to work well I bowl with one on and my knee felt fine
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Zaida feliciano
I have use this one before it does work beyter in the summer that on winter.take my chances
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raymond lewis
Me and my husband absolutely loves these wellnee pain relief patches. They help with the pain in our knees and her back and they are just terrific. Everyone should try them.
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Tamer Al radaideh
Love these wellnee pain patches! Super easy to use, stick well, and provide quick relief. No side effects for me. Definitely recommend for quick pain relief
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I have been using them for a few weeks now. I only use them if I have a long day of walking. It has been nice being able to walk with only a slight discomfort instead of walking for five minutes and calling it a day.
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I need a knee replacement, but have to wait... These make my knee feel more stable.
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Happy buyer
These wellnee patches worked great for troubled knees. My ball player placed them on before or after basketball games and they helped. Only downside is due to sweat they rolled down his knee. Otherwise, good product.
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Kathryn Plescher
Used the parch for back and neck pain.
Works really well and has no smell
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Evelyn king
My husband used on his knee,
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Jorge L.Sanchez
Very effective!! highly suggest & worth the investment.
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These pain patches are awesome.
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It stayed on my knee when I slept. My knee felt better in the morning.
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sandra A
These are the best I have found so far, and I have tried a bunch of them
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Good value, really works!
I recommend this to anyone who is suffering from knee pain.
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